Open Perl IDE

Welcome to the webpage of Open Perl IDE !

Open Perl IDE is an integrated development environment for writing and debugging Perl scripts with any standard perl distribution under Windows 95/98/NT/2000.

This software is written in Delphi 5 Object Pascal and Perl and it is OpenSource, distributed under Mozilla Public Licence 1.1 and hosted by SourceForge. Please visit our project page to get further information.

Now, take a look at some screenshots, read the User Manual to get a more detailed description of Open Perl IDE or download the latest release (Version 1.0).

The new release 1.0 is the first non-beta version of Open Perl IDE and fixes most of the bugs reported for previous releases. However, some of the changes are much more than simple bugfixes:

  • Better syntax coloring by using a new highlighter component.

  • Important debugger improvements, including better support for huge arrays.

  • Previous instance detection on program start.

  • Several minor HelpViewer and Configuration enhancements.

For any information, questions, remarks or bug reports, please send a message to Jürgen Güntherodt.

Features and Screenshots

  • Customizable Perl Syntax Coloring.

  • Complete encapsulation of "perl.exe".

  • Erroneous script lines will be listed on run, compile or debug. The first error-line is marked in editor window.

  • Insertion and deletion of conditional breakpoints.

  • View and edit of variables in a watch tree.

  • Hint-Evaluation: Variables under the mouse-cursor will be evaluated and shown as hint.

  • Callstack info, List of loaded modules.

  • Highly configurable, integrated help system.

  • Flexible environment with dockable windows. Each configuration can be saved as an IDE-Desktop.

  • It is possible to use different desktop-settings for Edit, Run and Debug modes.

Open Perl IDE is copyright © 2001 by Jürgen Güntherodt.

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